20th May 2022

Program 2022

Day (10:00 - 17:00)

Product Market

Work- & Playshops

Evening (17:00 - 22:00)

Food & Drinks


Board Games

Live Music & DJ

Timetable 2022
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Day 8 - Hacking Life for Happiness
Kalbermatter (meditation & beratung) - Introduction to daily meditation
ed:solution - Artificial Intelligence in Language Learning
Diversify - How can you mitigate bias?
2get-there - Tackle your challenges with Lego Serious Play
KAPSLY Ventures - Starting a business without money and compensating supporters fairly
H 2 3 O - Discovering sustainable leadership

EO Accelerator - Scaling Up Your Business
Sfera. Gute Arbeit! - Experience self-organization in practice with Sociocracy 3.0
Sfera. Gute Arbeit! - Develop your growing organization with method
Zehnder Coaching GmbH - How to Start up
Conda - Opportunities and risks of crowd investing
Beeyond - What's the Buzz about Wild Bees?
Circular Economy Transition - Meet the Zürich Circular Economy Pioneers!
Zebra Consult -Feed your Zebra - Business models for sustainable start ups
Cesare Marchetti Online Marketing - 4 ways to get found online
TEDxZurich - Get an idea about TEDxZurich

Katharina Herzog - Learning Experience Design + Coaching - Designing impactful Team Rituals
Podcast Tower - 7 steps to podcasting
Crowd Container - Meet Crowd Container
Verein Tatkraft - Inklusion, Tatsachen schaffen mit Tatkraft

Product Market:
Shavejack - www.shavejack.ch
Zaamigo - www.zaamigo.com
Think Balance! - www.thinkbalance.ch
PERSN - www.persn.ch
Loopings - www.loopings.ch
SugarCup, the online neighborhood platform - www.sugarcup.ch
Loopia - www.getloopia.ch
DRYCUT - www.drycut.ch
RESLIDES, eternal sandals - www.reslides.info
AIRICA - www.airica.com
SHEA YEAH - www.sheayeah.ch
cloudburst - https://cloudburst.ch
Climate Fresk -https://climatefresk.org