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22nd November 2019
All day long:

Product Market

on the ground & 1st floors!

Drinks & Food 

at Auer & Co.


09:30, 11:30, 13:30, & 16:30

Solving the Swiss Wind Energy Problem
Collaboration of Body & Mind
Getting started with "creative coding" – Express yourself with code
Creative Mastermind
How does collaboration lead to innovation in our working environment?
LEAN PROGRESS MODEL: Increase focus and speed of your lean project
First steps in international markets
How to travel sustainably (in line with UN SDGs)
Crowdfunding - viel mehr als deine nächste Finanzierung
Be Crispy & Bake Your Own ZüriChips!
Radical Collaboration - the superpower and secret sauce of successful Mompreneurs
Prototyping & Testing New Business Ideas: Learn From Your Customers And Refine Your Offer
Every startup needs an elevator pitch
Who cares?
Radical Collaboration in the Gig Economy
GDPR for start-ups and small businesses: do we need to do anything?
Music by Machines
(Don't) Believe the Hype - Genuine Collaboration is Radical
Circular Plastics in the Swiss context
Private Life Sprint
Reimaging your Future
Better together: the corporate in the innovation ecosystem
Marketing Automation: Double your capacity as a solopreneur
How to monetize your online presence and claim your true value(s) with Funnel Flow Architecture
System change with Circular Economy: Meet Zürich Pioniers!
Let's talk about soils: the dirty details
Well-nourished – feel alive
Breathing Superpower for Peace and Awareness
A glimpse on co-leading for the world that matters
How unconscious bias influence female careers
How can you become an impact investor without much money and without any knowledge
How to perform an SEO website audit
Effective Communication
New Work 4.0 – The all-in-one social protection for entrepreneurs and freelancers
CreativeMornings “Lost"